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This small village located in the south of France has a population just over 100. I encountered a family from the United States that had purchased a home in the village and loved the quiet countryside life.

Saint-Martin-de-Vers in Southern France


    I have thousands of photos in my collection and the ability to capture an image of your choosing. These images can range in size and may be prepared on almost any surface. Copies of my photos are available for homes, offices, and make appreciated gifts. Prices vary by size and medium. The following categories give an indication of costs that includes all taxes and delivery to a location of your choosing, a small sur-charge of $6.00 will be added for Alaska or Hawaii..

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    Each selected photograph is replicated using mediums suited to receiving the best archival inks and pigments that bring out the image sharpness and optimal contrast and have longevity. Three fine art plant based, acid free papers and both Canvas and Aluminum are choices.


    Pure Cotton Semi Gloss: a glossy 100% cotton paper. Ideal for rich blacks and warm white images including portraits.

    Smooth Matte: a 100% cotton hot press paper. It has the smoothest surface of fine art papers.

    Velvet: Velvet is a 100% patterned cotton paper that looks and feels like a watercolor. It is delicate and is to be handled with care to avoid scuffs and scratches.

    Gallery Wrap Canvas: take one of my images to another level on canvas, this choice has a slightly reflective finish. There are other canvas options if you contact me.

    Aluminum: This surface has infused dyes directly into coated metal sheets. A magical luminescence and depth to the image is the result. They are scratch proof and water resistant and can be cleaned using almost any cleaner.

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