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About Rich Berrett

Rich Berrett is a professional “Fine Art Photographer” with a wealth of experience.  With camera in hand, he searches for the beauty that surrounds us.  He looks for people in candid situations where an experience captures the person’s full attention with body posture and facial expression telling a unique story.  Nature provides as much beautiful diversity as people.  His photography honors what is seen and sometimes captures what we do not notice.

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My Story

As a youngster I am driving with my mom listening to rock-and-roll music and singing along.  After turning the sound down, she directs my attention to the trees we are passing.  “Look at the beauty” she states.  Frequently this is my experience, “look at the fall colors”, “see the river running through this valley”, “what about those mountains?”  Though I didn’t know it then, I now realize this played a significant role in my photography interest; honoring that which is seen.

In addition, her five marriages, some to alcoholics, certainly influenced my interest in child development, family relations, and marriage and family therapy.  For more than four decades I savored the privilege of university teaching and a therapy practice.  This experience influenced my belief in the inherent worth of all.  I am a “people person” and cherish the opportunity to inspire others with my images.

“Life is difficult” according to M. Scott Peck.  Good photography is a vehicle to ease the challenges life may offer.

Enjoy my images and feel free to contact me with any questions and comments.  Be safe and well.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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